Asia is Great!

Meet Nakamura from Celtic, and Edwin Van Der Sar (goalkeeper), from the famous Red Devil Manchester United. I hated Edwin when he actually from Fulham. At one time, Arsenal was the Immortal. It was than in English Premier League, Arsenal met Fulham. The match between Arsenal and Fulham seem endless. When Arsenal's striker have found their way in the penalty box, Edwin will eventually make The Gunners attempt, futile.
Think this, the starter at that time of course, Henry, Berkamp and Ljungberg. But Edwin always find way to fail them. And De Sar now in the Red Devil, which make me hate him even more. Now, the unfamous Asia Player, Nakamura has defeated De Sar at the prestige European game. How he defetead De Sar, two times in a year? A beautiful long curve free kick aim at the impossible corner to be reach by De Sar, outside the penalty box. Isn't Asia great huh?


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