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dia ditemu gerimis ada pelangi dia dimesra rasa sehangat mentari dia disentuh dada mengundang sebak dia senyum langit jadi teduh dia pergi ruang penuh rindu dia buat tangan diapung bibir meratib doa Cinta!

A Good Words

The Universe begins in the mind
Everything begins as an idea
All that you can ever be or do
must first
be a possibility in the mind
The change has to come from the inside


He will never fail to capture my emotion even in a very serious academic or technical talk/presentation.

He make me realized what my other mentor had said "Please, honor your job".

I was struggling to understand what I'm doing all of these years, searching for the reasons, asking is it worth it, I even doing things which is not related to my job specification because I'm striving to find the answer, but he, simply in a few lines, if I'm not in front and people are watching of my steps, believe me, I will burst into tears just like I finished reading The Kite Runner.

He honor his job. He is the patriot. He is true academician.

I have this one question inside my mind, one day I will ask him personnel, "why he doing what he's been doing all this while without asking for material rewards?"

Suddenly, even without I asked him the question, he bring on a story, a story of a famous leader Mahatma Gandhi.

A man standing in front of Gandhi, told him that he has bee…

It is not always material rewards

I have a long tired week days which is I can't describe in detail as I am still in condition that will prevent me to write in deep thought.
People ask me why I do such and such, striving hard, but at the end I still there not going anyway.
I told to my friend it is not always to be - material rewards.
Today, I learn that sentence is true.
My mentor, which is now undoubted a somebody, in the country and in the whole world in his expertise field, with recognition and award, with a long title in front of his name, choose to be here.
He said that I'm supposed to be at home (until I have time to write in detail, I told you, he should be at home, really, really, really should be at home), but then he said, "if I'm not coming here, what will you (referring to me) say, and I know you will be so sad".
That the reward.
And that means, the whole world to me.
Praise alone to Him.
Solawat to Rasulullah and his households.

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahu Akbar…

Hari Raya-Hari Membesarkan Tuhan

Apakah hari raya? Memori mengingatkan tentang pakaian baru, juadah istimewa, rumah yang perlu dihias, kuih muih dan ziarah menziarahi. Hari Raya adalah mercu tanda, sebuah perjalanan ibadah yang agung demi Tuhan. 2 hari raya, Eid Fitri dan Eid Adha, kedua-duanya hanya akan disambut dalam menifestasi kemenangan, seorang hamba mematuhi perintah TuhanNya. Yang pertama, penyempurnaan ibadah puasa di bulan Ramadhan selama sebulan, dan yang kedua melaksanakan korban agung demiNya. Mungkin tiada ramai yang tahu atau tidak perasaan, menyambut Raya sebenarnya bererti membesarkan Tuhan Yang Maha Agung. Takbir raya itulah pertama, sebagai zinaat (perhiasan) yang menandakan bahawa hari ini hari yang lain. Hari ini hari kemenangan. Hari ini hari berdemonstrasi secara terbuka. Demonstrasi bahawa Allah tujuan hidup dan mati, Allah tujuan penciptaan, Allah yang memenangkan, menolong hamba-hambaNya. Dari makna takbir raya, dengan terang-terang mengumumkan pada khalayak dunia, bahawa: Allah Maha Besar, …