He will never fail to capture my emotion even in a very serious academic or technical talk/presentation.

He make me realized what my other mentor had said "Please, honor your job".

I was struggling to understand what I'm doing all of these years, searching for the reasons, asking is it worth it, I even doing things which is not related to my job specification because I'm striving to find the answer, but he, simply in a few lines, if I'm not in front and people are watching of my steps, believe me, I will burst into tears just like I finished reading The Kite Runner.

He honor his job. He is the patriot. He is true academician.

I have this one question inside my mind, one day I will ask him personnel, "why he doing what he's been doing all this while without asking for material rewards?"

Suddenly, even without I asked him the question, he bring on a story, a story of a famous leader Mahatma Gandhi.

A man standing in front of Gandhi, told him that he has been a sinner. He had killed a Muslim boy at the age of 6 or 7 years. He told Gandhi that he is surely be sent to hell.

Gandhi then said, "Do you want me to show you the way out from hell?" The man nodded.

"Find an orphan Muslim boy, at the age of 6 or 7, raised him well like your own, give him shelter, food and education, but one thing that you must do, raised him to become a good Muslim. Then, you will find your way to heaven".

My respected academician then said, I had gone through years which I'm not honoring my job. I went out for breakfast for 2 hours. I being eating with 4 to 5 friends for lunch and having a long chat. I have gone home even it is not yet time to go home. I have had teach student even I not prepared and giving them my best. Given them what I should give them, the guidance. That was the years that if I strive very hard to bring it back, it will never ever revived.

He then said, you, all of you, is my redemption. All of you is 'The Boy' that I should raised the way you should be raised, and I'm trying my best, at my very best, for you to become a good person. The past is will forever be the past, and I can't never bring it back. And this is, my redemption.

Believe me, if I'm not in front, I have drowned into tears.

Yes, that is his redemption. One day, hopefully I found my own path for redemption.

When everything end, when we have packed to close all, when I walked to go home for a very tiring week and weekend, the clouds bring its gentle downpour down. Like a blessing from heaven. When I looked up to the sky, it was very clear, bright and light blue, suddenly a huge rainbow appear before my eyes. It was so beautiful.

I finally inspired.

...and maybe, I finally found the answer of my searching.


naimadnin said…
This is truly inspiring *drowned in tears as well*
alqasam said…


This is truly and amazingly inspiring. MasyAllah. Who is that great and noble man?

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