Our Friend

It was only this week that we manage to take her picture. Without a proper position, we finally took a few pictures of her. She was so radiant, white and pure. She always has heart with full of love. And her present always add meaningful moment.
My brother knows that whenever I have a moment with her, my repeated word will always "Will you pray for me?". Sometime she answer yes, but most of the time she will, just silent.
This morning she was really very early to come to our house. My brother sense this was very odd. She will never arived to our house this early. She only came late, at evening or at night. Only then we realized, she just want to say good bye. And I'm still repeating the same word to her "Will you pray for me?" while ironing my veil. She answer yes just once. And then she silent again. I still see her radiant, white and pure even so.
She was always there, during my turbulence years. When I was sooo down. When my heart break, when I'm sad. She sometimes sleep with me. She was my brother best friend. She will never want to be with me if my brother around. But when its come for any day that I felt so low, she always abandoned my brother to be with me. In the small room, she will lay beside me, watch me closely as I talked to her. And she will listen to it with patient.
I was returned from a meeting with my friends at Shah Alam. I was so happy as I managed to buy lot of books. One of the book I have always wanted to buy, but only today I can afford the time and money to buy it. I was enjoying myself using all the public transports by just only one card. With my new 'Touch and Go' card. It was a pleasant journey actually, despite I have to watch one stall was taken away by Majlis Bandaraya officers.
When I was in the cars with my brother, suddenly my brother told me the bad news. Our friend had already past away, today. It was suddenly a silent moment to me. I have to felt sorry to my brother, as he had watch her dead body. My brother actually looked at her to confirm weather it is she who lying there on the road. She was hit by a lorry. And my brother told me, it was true. It is she, the radiant, white and pure.
Our friend, as we called her Cing had die today.
Our friend, as I always told her "Will you pray for me?" had gone forever.
My friend, which always there when I feet so low, had left me alone, again.
Luckily, we have her picture that we took only recently.
And they say, if we take a picture of cat, they will die soon. It is true?
To our friend, you will always be in our heart. And we are now, praying for you. May you, will always be the radiant, white and pure. As you are the radiant, white and pure in our heart.
Thank you for loving us so much.
Thank you for saying goodbye.
And you will always be inside our heart, InsyaAllah.


Aderi Aryasu said…
Sbnrye lama jgk mencari post yang satu ni... wawawa.. rindula dgn meow.. dah x de kucing suka kt saya dah lepas die...

(kcuali kucing coklat cair yg segan nk masuk umah tu)

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