Hari-hari bengkel dan seminar

There will only a few captivating moment in those long duration of detention time in confined room without anything you can do except listen, listen, listen & listen all day long. Despite looking into speaker's mistakes and false, nothing will enjoy you much especially dealing with those so called "boring lot". But there will be a moment when you find out, the speaker make sense, and keep you wondering and thinking for a while. One speaker had said, "When we used to do one thing and we keep doing it repeatedly, without incorporating with one's mind, and it continuous for years, one day you will do it as the result of spontaneous action, not more than that. You get use to it, when needed, you just can do it without thinking at all".
Then I reflect, "Do the issue apply to my prayer or 'solah'? Have I think about it at least once? How I rate my daily solah, if the solah can be evaluated and assessed? How actually I threat my daily prayer? And what is solah to me after all?"
The speaker of course said about something else. To make two person communicate and being connected, by using a 'thing', that can be delivered, one's should passed to another mind. The 'thing' that want to be deliver should passed in the deliverer mind first, then the 'thing' can be delivered to another effectively. Only then, we can see the 'thing' alive. In this context, the speaker explain the 'thing' in term of knowledge. The knowledge itself is the communication tools.
So I have solah as my communication tool. But then, do I communicate and get connected? Do my solah have the essence of living thing? Or it just a spontaneous action?
I do believe what the speaker have said. I do believe I can make thing so alive. I do believe I can make my solah in the same manner, but yet, do I allow myself to do so?


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