"It's a game that we afford to loose", said my heart with joy before the final first kick started in Berlin. Of course the Italian has always been the favourite team to win the World Cup campaign this time 2006. "They (Les Blue) have bring the joy and happiness since the quarter and semi final, and that was enough". The first half of the game, seem the best quality on both teams they could bring, as both teams try hard enough to score a lead for the advantage towards the whole game, and it's take only 7 minutes for Zidane to score the third goal for WC06 through penalti. It's nearly not even a goal, after the ball hit the post hard on the top but suddenly land just behind the goal line. The fan nearly don't believe that Zidane will miss that golden oppurtunity, and after the official stated the confirmation on the goal, the crowd scream with laughter. The formation of 4-5-1 seem too hard for the Frenchmen to get through the Italian defenders lead by Carnavarro. As the last man Gianluigi Buffon had all the reputation he need to be noticed by the Frenchmen. The advantage didn't take long, after Materrazi put quite a good header to beat Fabien Barthez and made an equalizer. The game afterward was enjoy and worth to watch ever, as this defined what great football actually was.
The second half seem France kept the possession in their side, as they never failed to make an effort to move forward to threaten the Italian goal post. The Italian, as they always be, to play safe and the screen always shown that the blue jerseys always seen to conquer their own side with only just a few meaningfull attack towards the Les Blue. It is obviously the Frenchmen try hard and even harder each time they had the ball on their feet. Obviously, all the strength they have had put in the second half and tiredness appeared on their very face. Of course, it still ended with 1-1. The game extended to 30 minutes for extra time and through penalti kicks to determine the winner . Yes, Italian won, and everybody knows.
But this World Cup has more to tell. Sending away Zinadine Zidane with the red card in his last appearance of international football is never seem an option to end the great career. The reason of this, the misbehaviour of Zidane towards Materazzi is even harder to accept and the action is never justify for what ever reason will explained. To watch him there waiting the verdict from the referee, is even frustrating moment ever. When the referee hold the red card high, pointed the other finger out, to watch Zidane hand over the captain badge to Barthez, to watch him walk away pass by the World Cup, to see Domenech give him applause as he walk away the pitch, to watch the great shock on Vierra face standing by the bench, as he Zizou walk away ......and the time pass by slowly, there was really a silence and emptiness in my heart. Tears alone can't describe what actually I felt, and the late night until dawn seem so void and meaningless. As Canavarro rise the Cup up high, I walk slowly to open the door and get all the bottles I need to store the water for the next few days, the dawn air breeze smooth and fresh, the surrounding still dark yet the moon shine so bright which I can always remembered, I filled the bottles full with tap water and kept all the dishes clean, and that's how my World Cup end.......................


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