When people said something bad, when people said at your back, when people pointed finger at your face, when your siblings murdered and get killed, when not allowed to school because of a men with a gun told you not to, when dignity was disgrace at the lowest point, when feel humiliate, when the most precious thing that so sacred become one's teasing point, when can't bear it anymore........the heart feel the most painful feeling............and that is all..........and the action took place, with or without sorry, but of course, with no regret at all!
He listen, and He knows all................


Anonymous said…
when people hurt you deeply...sometimes it is unavoidable...perhaps the people are unconsciously done it...and they do not realise it hurts like hell...like a father yells at his sons and daughters after coming from work.. and later his children always forgive him after knowing that the reasons of his unforgettable behaviours are due to stress, pressure and tension.. like a mother who sells herself as a mean of living...like a teacher who beats 7-year-old student because of his ignorance...WHY DO WE ALWAYS FIND EXCUSES FOR THESE KIND OF BEHAVIOURS???
ASaL said…
when excuses justify
the heartache will not take place
but when it comes
to one's that barely knows you
and you don't have any relationship at all
except for the past relationship that will never take place in the present or future, eventually
and why they have to talk......
the question to whom they talk to...
for what ever reason they should talk
........after the absense in significance place for a long long time
and i'm not even there to become a point
yet, I hope it always bring good to me
once and for all
someONE, might love me, to give this challenge, and to bear the hard endurance, InsyaAllah
Anonymous said…
Oh, come on...
Zidane was just a violent looser!


Italy was much stronger and won. Full stop.

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