Q: What is outcrops?
A: Outcrops is an exposure of rock at the surface (or the area of a rock lying directly beneath a soil cover).
Have you ever watched The Cars movie? (they nodded, as the answer was yes). Can you see the outcrops in the movie? (this time they shook their head instead).
The Cars is a very good movie to the young apprentice of civil engineer. Beginning with the maintenance issue of the road (interstate road), and go back to the environmental issue (the most famous enviromnentalist in Malaysia is Mr Karam Singh Walia), and some of economic concern and survival of rural area in the name of development. But to Pixar and Disney, they make it with their own way. Thus, presenting The Cars as the most fast movie (the racing cars) and of course at the same enjoyable and fun. For those who watching this movie, might knew what is Ka-Chow means as it bean repeatedly said by the lead star (the voice by Owen Wilson). As watching the remarkable and amazing scenary in The Cars, it sure does reflects to the magnificant of The Creator. And the outcrops definitely have the story of The Creator...


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