The Lost Abaya

The Abaya was bought in a small shop in Madinah. And Madinah was and still one of the most sacred places created in the Earth, the land of Rasulullah, where Rasulullah sleep in peace with the Mercy from Allah.

Have you ever seen Abaya? Abaya is the traditional dress for Muslim women for Peninsular Arab country. Original colour in black, Abaya attached with head covering as veil. Have you seen the Arab women in Abaya? Subhanallah, there are the most beautiful living creature on Earth. It was after this beautiful incident happen in the Mosque of Nabi that makes me want to have one. I’ve seen this lady, prayed near me, at the same saf (prayer line) inside the mosque of the green dome. She was in her prayer, while her younger child on the carpet crying, asking for attention. The lady, I believed has drowned in God’s dimension. The sound of a child asking for a mother, never seen to distracted her at all. What was the concerned is to answer God calling.

I was watching her very closely. After the prayer, the lady, with her elder son and her baby, was going straight to zam-zam container. She with her gentle motherly motion, take a cup of zam-zam and gave to her 2 years old son. She then, took a small portion of zam-zam water, and give to her baby. Subhanallah. That was the moment that captured my eyes the beauty of a woman in Abaya.

I wear my Abaya the next day, with my mother in a wheel chair strolling along the shops in the city of Madinah. I’ve fall in love with my Abaya. I’m telling myself that I will keep in good shape my Abaya at any cost. It was the Abaya bought in the City of Madinah, I prayed in the Mosque of Nabi with the black dress, I’m walking with my mother under the sky of Madinah. And everything that I want to remember was with the black Abaya.

I’ve put my Abaya in my luggage. I’ve zipped the luggage and add some more precaution with extra keys. I’ve give my prayer to God to protect my Abaya with repetitive prayer, every minutes and every hours. I prayed with all my heart in Hijr Ismail. I even wrapped my luggage with plastic cover so that my Abaya will be protected along the long journey to my home country.

It was then, when we arrived in my home town Airport, my luggage is missing. We waited for a very long hours, hoping in any chance my luggage will appear before my eyes, so that I can wear my Abaya again and again. I will keep it in my closet to ensure for its safety. But, we waited in vein. My luggage was lost during the transit. I lost my Abaya.

Yesterday, my best friend gave me a new Abaya. It just looked the same as the lost Abaya. The only different is the size. My new Abaya is smaller. But then, I thought for a while, I’ve no problem to fall in love with this new Abaya. My Abaya was lost during transit, that’s true, but not the memory. There are some circumstances beyond our will, what we love most, sometimes, fallen even from close hand. With this new Abaya, I will renew my vow that my love will be, to the very end of time. InsyaAllah.


Anonymous said…

i never appreciate it. the softness. the beauty. the purpose. the meaning of wearing it.

but i'm glad that the abaya has reached home. better.

i just realised, if, by Allah's grace, i will be here, for only another 5-6 weeks. not enough to create a memory. not enough to justify my decision, whether its correct or not. not enough time to spend and meet the people that i love. truly love, without boundaries, without reserve, without reasons.

i'm damn scared.
Asal Turabiy said…
we are
afraid for what decision that we made
because we know that
the uncertainties is still there

but as long you can breathe
my love will always

and if I have all the strength and oppurtunities
you know that
i really want to be
very very very close to you!!!

and this phantom
I really can't comprehend
and the sadness surrounds
until I only choose
to get angry
for everything that stood
before me!

and for that
I still can't understand
why you still ask me
for the misbehaviour

and I still waiting
if you want to ask me
the same thing
some more....
Anonymous said…
what things that you have wanted me to ask you?

dont choose anger, dear, there are so many ranges of emotions that you can demonstrate :)

it breaks my heart a million times when i know i did manage to get the scholarship, even it's not positively confirmed.

and do still remember our time in Mekah? and the adversities we face after we went there? It will make or break us, according to our choices.

Asal Turabiy that i know is a fighter.

And fight hard.

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