Orang itu

Yesterday was the day that I should remember forever. To take stand, to think, to verify things that are important to me, and what should I be the next 10 years to come. At the end, I never thought that I will be the meanest person ever. I rather choose my movie hours instead of spending 1 or 2 hours with my long lost friend. I don’t even care to actually meet with her only daughter (after going through a lot of pain). I even don’t even eager to meet my friend second son after a few months now.
It was there, on the silver screen, Optimus Prime has been brought alive before my eyes. Suddenly all my childhood arose together with the arisen of the Autobots leaders. I see him, as the only cartoon character that I continuously drew inside my exercise book. With my other friend, (still remember his name Akbar). It was suppress feeling that is long lost, the other me which cherish things, the kids that enjoy life so much. She even drew all the cartoons character to be submitted in drawing class. The person that is so sensitive to all of her friends, siblings and relatives, which would give everything to make other peoples happy.
It was there, my friend and her elder son. The boy barely knows me. He is almost 5 years old now, with strong voice and I believe with even a strong character now. He looks at me like a person that he knew before, but he just can’t remember that we used to play football together inside his house. And he enjoyed it with all of his heart. The boy that continuously cry at night when he was still young, still a baby. I still remember his birth mark at his neck, and it was the same birth mark that I saw yesterday. It was the turning point, when he suddenly addressed me as ‘orang itu’ to his mother.
The long three hours going back to Pahang, give the Optimus Prime back inside me. He is stills the most lovable robots character. With the leadership quality, sensitive, care to others, willing to make sacrifice to things that he believe worth for living, funny, intense but strong, and the most important, full of love.
It just a thought, what my job has made me. How it has hold me back for the thing that I love most. Even I do willingly to give all my commitment just to ensure the brightest future for the next generation to come, same as Optimus Prime, I pressumed.
But at the end, will the boy recognised me as his friend, or he will still addressed me as ‘orang itu’…….


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