Blood type - Finally all uploaded

All uploaded, what is your blood type then?
Mine? :)


sazrul said…
thanks for uploading, as...such an info..but ada character yg x fit to my blood type ler...hehehe...
asal said…
apa yg tak sama tu, or what is exactly ur blood type? :)
I'm going to be a fanatic gibli's studio, tapi boleh caya tak, sampai sekarang aku tak de Sprited Away...huwaaaaaaaaaaaa
ASaL said…
it's suit mine though.
sazrul said…
alah ko donlot ler...berlambak torrent dia & the quality of pic also good..aku baru tgk The Girl Who Leapt Through banget... anyway, I'm AB+tive....paling stingy of all 4..:)

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