I was thinking

When people soon to be departed from this worldly life to join the eternity, will they actually can sense it?
Or all the unfortunate events and sequence that come along is actually a coincidence?
If I have only one day left, what will I do? Will I have the chance to express my love?
If all the precaution have been made, what is actually happen when unfortunate things occurs?
If we know our time is near, will we actually change?
Are we take things for granted, as we perceived everything will be according the law of nature? (only the old die, only the sick person die, etc?)
And if things happen, will we change for better?
My eldest nephew, the most kind heart and gentle, which taking care of his sister very close in every steps, make his last fare well last Saturday. And what is the most heart breaking to all, as he free from this world because of accident. Hit by construction lorries as he was really very near to his home. He was my nephew, my beloved son, as he grew big in front of my eyes. He was in his mother's womb only 7 months and surviving as a baby in a transparent box. Allah give His mercy, giving him as a good boy up to 17 years and that was it. As the 'jenazah' arived, it was so emotional. But seeing him in one piece, we really thankful. He was lying there, as the most handsome person ever, sleeping sweet and sound, the face that I will remember toward the end of time. InshaAllah.
"O Allah, give your mercy on his soul" ~Al Fatihah~


wa_daah said…
Sampaikan takziah nor untuk kak ngah sekeluarga. mmg terkejut sgt dpt tahu berita tu lagi pulak pada hari lahir nor.....ajal maut di tangan Allah....
Anonymous said…
i'm so sorry too...
ieka said…
salam..as sorie lupe nak ckp i would like to join u for fcr phase 2. tak sempat nak sms la sbb now in korea (again:P). see ya then inshaAllah
ieka said…
and.. i am sorry to hear the story about your nephew. may Allah bless him always. Alfatihah.

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