The Decline of Malays: Are we?

Some may questioned, being feminist alone is not very satisfying, thus becoming Malay chauvinist is another option. Both, I wish to differ. The issue of race never bring my attention in any form before, to be sincere I'm having too little knowledge of my root, Malay. The reason, that in many way, they are potraying Malay as the second class. In any field involved, particularly in economy and education. But the Malays is changing. From the previous attitudes, toward new mind setting. It has been a long discuss among my colleague, what is the real problems with typical Malay, and we have embrace all this weaknesses with open hand without any significant reform. By mixing with really successful Malay, with all the Malay traditions in their daily practices that they proudly express, but yet very successfull local and international, then, should I agree with the former interpretation of Malay?
To be sincere, it is very new to me, to really appriciate the old tradition and adapting with the so called modern life. As there is nothing wrong with the Malay as human capital, only the mind set have been change over the years. Once, Melaka is the center of attraction of traders meeting all over the world. Bahasa Melayu has been used as lingua franca, the language for communication. We need all the successful Malays, to be part on the changing culture and mind set of traditional Malay, either in corporate sector, education, non-government organization, industry, poets, writers, politicians and others. Together, hands in hands to really proud embraced Malay and its tradition as our roots, and that what make us unique!


zf_zamir said…
mahukan motivasi?

segera ke daerah samad...

akan ketemu takjub manusia bahasa itu...

huhu...galeri petronas, klcc

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