When will the term failure effect your feeling? When the least that we expect them. To include, when you're thinking about nothing will actually stop your way, you have all the superior support that you need, the superb record, all the effort that you have done for years, the reputation that show that you are the one.
How will you feel? Like sh--, like you're the stupidiest person on earth that ever exist, ashamed at the maximum level, disgraced to your family, colleague, to your cow (in Mulan) all the person that put all the trust on your shoulder, to yourself.
How will you react? Face the person that have all the unconfident feeling towards your, confront him face to face and ask, what should I do to make it right. Face the person that put the trust on you, say I'm sorry for dissapointing and thank you for giving me the oppurtunity.
What is your immeadiate respon? I want to become Sasterawan Negara!!!! (poyo)
What will you do next? Wake up and pray until dawn, contemplate what you have done wrong, counter all the low esteem feeling, jump back, and this time make sure higher until they amazed.
To whom will you find comfort? To your brother that say, "Why we fall..... the rest please watch Batman Begin" (bagus punya adik).
What should I do? (despite all?) Laugh at the highest volume and say "THANK GOD, ALHAMDULILLAH", at last my 1 month misery have ended dramatically (to be consider as one of the miraculous idea to put in who knows, cerpen, cerpan, novel, or simply a poem)
What will you see? Of course, my smiling face :) after all I'm not the only one, and this time I know what are the expectation, after all my first sentence to comfort my friend "Don't worry, after all, this is only Dunia, Dunia, may Allah guide us to hereafter towards this wordly live".
(I'll be on holiday until Wednesday, I will finish my 3 volume anime DVD (Japanese), I've on my hand, Panrita, Hujan Pagi, Kelapa Nan Sebatang, all the movie clips in my bro computer, and I've been connected by streamyx, I've hold my friend's two month baby, I've my spectacles (done yesterday) so I can see clearly now, I've few things on my mind right now, I plan to completed them all, InsyaAllah).


Anonymous said…
Allow urself some self-pity

everyone deserves it after suffering some very2 bad incidents

it was seriously injured our ego to fall down like that...kan?

nothing best like indulge in it

it is an excuse to do things that normally we dont do

and then

raise up like u never did before

show to the world that we are indeed...can be the best..the greatest

and nothing in the world that can stop us..not even the humiliation...or a stupid int____...or a disgrace to our anchestors (mULan).

I believe you can beat all of this

can triumph over the adversity

and the mortification will be conquered!

Long Live A. Alias!
Asal Sulaiman said…
it seem like the world against me in everything, since... u know when
but, to be honest, maybe i truely need that
it is a sign, to be down
to look up
to know who I am
but truely i believe, the are greater wisdom behind, which if i can search in pure heart, it will appear bedore my limited knowledge
i always indebted with your present
inside out, here and there, awake or asleep

as it is true, we will more appreciate if we succeed against the odd!
May Allah give His mercy on us always.
anonymous, THANKS a ZILLION

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