Credulous OR Incredulous

My wise friend said "One losses so much when one becomes incredulous".
I then said, "Why I loose so much even I'm not yet incredulous?"
The question has been left vanished in the moment of silence.
Then, she advised me not to.
Still she can't convinced me to not becoming one, at least at this moment of truth.
As I believe my destiny is not designed to taste the privellage to have faith in things.
But I believe there lies a great wisdom behind it, and hopefully I can understand it well.
p/s: however, yet, I'm so thankful I found 'you'


Anonymous said…

I always start my comment by those above word. It is magnificient to be able to laugh without bitterness, and it is the right for everyone to do so.

It is so easy to become incredulous, the unwillingness to believe...yet do we lose so much if we become credulous?

If we lose our faith and hope in the beautiful notions such as love and friendship, then we become cynic who views things in a gloomy a prisoner who sees dirt on the window, as oppose to his mate who sees the beautiful scenary outside the window.

Sometimes we cant help it. I know the feelings of incredulous, above all, I'm the anchor of the family (a dear friend has acclaimed me and the other friend of this Disbelieving, skeptical, doubtful, dubious, unconvinced, unmoved. I lose my faith a long time ago..but recently, I get it back...after the turning point of my life.

Hope you, Cik A, will get a very near future. Love ya
Anonymous said…
lawa la lady bug

mano dapek

Asal Sulaiman said…
I always love to hear the laughing, even in writting. Have I told you miss/mr anonymous, u've inspired me even you not yet write.
Asal Sulaiman said…
hopefully becoming incredulous to notions such as love and friendship, i will sees the dirt on the window or on the top of the soil, then reflect to the one who create the dirt, if i tend to sees the beautiful scenary outside the window, i will also see the beauty from the one who create it either. Either the dirt or the beautiful scenary, both insyaAllah, i will cherish in my incredolous way!
Anonymous said…
Bila engkau sedang bersukaria, renunglah dalam-dalam ke lubuk hati
Disanalah nanti engkau dapati
bahawa hanya yang pernah membuat derita
berkemampuan memberimu bahagia

Jika engkau berdukacita
renunglah lagi
ke lubuk hati
disana pula bakal engkau temui
bahawa sesungguhnya engkau sedang menangisi sesuatu yang pernah engkau syukuri

Khahlil Gibran -Sang Nabi

Anonymous said…

Weep in the silent, are we?

No wonder Islam teaches us to not lose faith, and believe, and always, always pray to Him, the Most Merciful.

As Cik A always says, He wouldnt design the predicament that is so hard to be carried on.An albino friend teaches me that life and fate, are truly beautiful - in malay, takdir ini sangat indah.

Lapo la plak.
Anonymous said…
Did I ever tell you, my dearest friend?

That you teach me more than any human beings on the earth.

You inspire me to be better, wiser and cleverer.

You nourish my hungry soul, feed my intellectual curiosity, share my bitter secrets, and correct me when i'm wrong.

You are not afraid of speaking your minds against me and the world, and it awakens my spirit to be valor too, in fighting the evil, corrupted world.

And words fail me to describe you more. But not to be grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you Allah, for for priceless gift. Give me a strength to cherish it, everyday, everytime.

Asal Sulaiman said…
jangan menangis!

jangan menangis sampai jiwa lemah
tapi menangis kerana tabah
kerana itu sahaja senjata kita yang tinggal
di hadapan Tuhan......

asal sulaiman
~saya mahu menjadi penulis~
Asal Sulaiman said…
To Ananymous

TQ or Jazakallahu Khairan Kathiran

To me, the attribute of justice of my Creator, have been manifest more and more, with you.

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