Sometimes when u feel that u're out of emotions, at that time the emotions takes control over your rational and logical consideration. Is it good, or it only bring more harm to ur life as well? Sometime, realizing that I still have the emotion, I feel so much realease and feel so glad about it. But, then i realized, emotional is not something that people want to cheerish most of the time. Emotions brings some indicator, which is disturbing for someone, but at the same time it shows that the feeling have grown bigger. And u actually locate some special place inside yourself. The feeling of betrayal, jealousy, angry, sad and so on.
To me, emotion will always bring some sort of good news to myself. I know that I'm alive, and I'm actually have someone that I really care for, worth to give my love, and to share my ups and downs. To the greater extent, it's trigger my creative and inner potential especially in writting. That's why I cheerish the value of art even more.
Since it is like forever I've lost the sense, and I'm not be able to write anymore, this emotion I will cheerish and I know it will react as catalyst. And make my right brain works in its own world, sometime me myself can't understand how it function.
The only concern, with emotion, I will never be the cheerful and funny person that I always be. And I'm damn good in that sense.
Emotion bring the potential of our own inner self. You will discover the other version of 'you'. You yourself have to discover whether it is good or not.
The willingness to sacrifice will always in the face of true feeling. Rational and logical themselves will never find the breakeven of your true self. And to walk beyond that, it is just un understandable. Thus, we will question people why people do that and that.


Anonymous said…
What makes people become emotional?
Or to be emotionally involve in things that we have suppose to be professional? i asked myself a thousand times, yet i have found no satisfactory. To me...emotions are what make us human...and in expressing it in a way that we believe to be another issue....hehehheheh
Asal Sulaiman said…
expressing in appropriate way? can we measure appropriateness? or that will make the only indicator to show us, we are actually individually.....unique.
Anonymous said… view....i always believe in the freedom of expressing your inner-self and ranging emotion through severals ways. Again, people do not like the way we critic them in expressing their moods etc. To them, we have robbed their (perhaps, only?) freedom that they posses. Black Metal followers for example, express their independence and rebellion through wearing black, which brings disgust to some. To me, they just want to separate themselves from us, the lower caste in their eyes. What a pity
Anonymous said…
Talking about the breakeven, or the line that we are supposed to be aware a quite different matter. Who determines the line? Society? Rulers? Religions? I myself have crossed the line several times. It feels crap at first, but then, a total relief, as I have been true to myself..and to be able to exercise the the freedom of unclipped bird's wings!
Asal Sulaiman said…
the line, if we ask people, they will completely give variety answers. to me, abviously and absolutely what have been determine by religions, others, i will only care less. not saying i never cross the boundary, but just to point out that the unquestionable line is only can be determine by the absolute Ruler.

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