One Game!

Woo o o o o o
Woo o o o o o o
Can you fell it? It's like celebrating love with football (soccer)! The list going on, Teamgeist, Goleo VI, Germany, Ivory Coast, Ronaldinho, the injured wonder boy Rooney, Zico, Guss Hiddink, the last appearance of the King, Zizou, will Bekham add glory in his resume or he just beautiful in the magazines, the youngsters, Kaka, Fabrigas, the stars, Ballack, Samuel Eto'o, and more, before the first kick between Germany and Costa Rica at Munich. One game, one event, one ball, and it is football!
My memories about the game goes back at the time of Maradona, Michel Patini and some other player which I've forgetten their names, that was the time I really am too little to understand what is happening. I really get involve in the game during my boarding school life, where there are so many football fan, when the football fan triumph over the melancolic dramas fans. Yeah, we won, and always. To add to the refreshing memories, when I have a very strong bond with the seniors (especially the 'otai' one), and they always reserved a space for me, or even the don't have one, they will find one. And my colleague and also my juniors, we all share the same love, again, it is football.
When I knew that I'm to fall in love with the game, it's about time to say goodbye to Cafu, Totti, David Trazequet, and see these youngsters, Ronaldo, Romario, Roberto Carlos and the magic from Zinadine Zidane. Perhaps, what I missed most, was the touch from Eric Cantona if he ever played in the tournament. When Romario scored a goal, he eventually will run around the green field and he will acted like holding a baby with his two hand with cheering smile and shared with the other team mate. It was a cheer from a proud father, that bring joy to his team mates, and to Brazil as a whole. What a cheerish moment!
The year maybe 1998. I just can't remember. We did not have TV in our house (rent). But the world cup came to the end. The final. My goodness. Will I miss the greatest event before the millenium years? I asked my friend which have an aunt at nearby area. Do her aunt had extra TV, then we can borrow it for a day just to see the final. How marvellous my friend was, when she really asked her aunt for that! She said her aunt only have a very old TV but still functioning with poor reception. That will do, I said. Then the TV was brought to our home. The event took place at 3.00 am I pressumed. My friend with her aunt's TV sleep, sweet and sound. I and the other friend, there were only two of us out of 8, stay awake and witness the France Victory. Yehaa! And just a few days ago, my friend asked for the TV, had I kept the TV safe? Of course .......... :) (we actually never return the TV, it was given to her, then)
Sometime it was not just a game, sometime it showed some political and dramatical event. There was a group match between Iran and US took place a time ago, and they viewed this as the most memorable event had ever occur. The Iran defeated US 2-1. To many, it just a little sign to reflect to another big event, who knows!
And just feel it, in a few weeks, just a few weeks more, the first kick, Captain Michael Ballack, the Mascot Goleo VI which I really adore, one game, one love, World Cup! Just waitning the magic moment of this game again, this time, once more. Guys, let Samba Kicks!
p/s: Goleo VI will be a perfect give for my birthday this year or IPOD or MP4, hahahaha! Kidding.


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