New Year Party: Everyone invited, please bring all of these to the party OK!

The New Year come (Masehi and Hijri) and counting...
Can anyone bring all of these?

1. Paying due attention to the public opinion of the Ummah, and regularly consulting it in the conduct of affairs. Changing of the political conditions, the ruling system and the way of administering civil affairs, the treating the Ummah in accordance with the divine standard set forth by Islam.

2. Law and principles stand above everyone. They are the standard according to which the ruler is evaluated. The legality of his position, and his right to exercise of power is similarly estimated. Awakening the political conscience of the Ummah and making a powerful oversight body out of it, lest the ruler deviate or neglect Islamic laws.

3. Establishment of justice and equity between all the people, regardless of social status in the sphere of rights and obligations

4. Assuring the leader is both efficient and righteous so that he can discharge his responsibilities

5. Equity in economic distribution ought to be firmly instituted.

6. The right of criticizing, advising, guiding and discussing the policies of the leader should be respected and institutionalised. Emphasizing the legality of militarily opposing the unjust ruler.
Lets party!


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