As watching the current news on TV, we are amazed how the flood has affecting some of the state, Johor, Kelantan and Pahang.

As we are enjoying ‘winter’ in Jengka, we are all wet. Our slippers are wet. The sun hides behind the clouds. The frogs having their homecoming party everyday. We sleep with our sweater on, blanket, covering our feet and so on. Our best song and best friend now is Umbrella. The town is suddenly quiet and peace. Our number is 1001 for every counter (government and bank) we went.

As we are managing to adapt with the weather, continuing with all the busy pile up works, enjoying to take all the art photo of this seasons, suddenly a phone call take all the joy. We are stranded! Without noticing anything bizarre around us, we are actually the only surviving area in this district. Which conclude, all the communication path has been drown by the flood? We are the ‘island’er now. For how many days? We just can’t give the answer. But yet, the sun has shine, perhaps, in short time, we will see the sky again.


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