Sheikh Imran N Hosein

Sheikh Imran N Hosein learned under guidance of Maulana Fadhlul Rahman Ansari. Fadhlul Rahman Ansari was taught by Allama Muhammad Iqbal (The Engineer of Re-engineered of Islamic Thought in Modern Years).
His works:
Teh Major Signs of the Last Day
Jerusalem in the Quran
Will Israel attack Iran?
The Return of the Islamic Khilafat
Why Do Muslims Pray Five Times a Day?
p/s: I'm very grateful being blessed by Allah to met this great scholar. Imagining that I have learned within the chainage of great scholar Allama Mohd Iqbal - Maulana Fadhlul Rahman Ansari - Sheikh Imran N Hosein - Me? (even in 1hr and 30 minutes time only), it is the thing beyond my imagination. He used his 15 years to interpret one Ayat in Surah Al Maidah 5:51 and passed this to me in 1 hour and 30 minutes. And suddenly, all of my reading recently get connected, I just get it, Alhamdulillah. May Allah blessed him and all scholars with His mercy and strenghten them, which put all the hardship to strive in His course and passed it to the generation to come.
The legacy of Muhammad Iqbal, how's that sound? (mmm, hope I find my way to learn under supervision of Islamic great scholar, great dream huh?)


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